Tomorrow you will recall

Tomorrow you will recall

Beitragvon luckhu » Montag 20. September 2010, 09:19

"Tomorrow you will recall, yesterday, you write the diary, tomorrow you are still misses, you have favorite cry ... ...

Then it gets very blue, day was very slow, when you said graduation is far gone to go our separate ways ... ... "

"Lay a sister in my sleep, sleep in my lonely memories.
... ...
Every time you look back you say sunset red, every time you hear bells in the evening, the former will be filled bit by bit, sorry in your heart ... too late ...
... ...
When you asked me to go back together, take a look at our past to our hostel, you are the words engraved on the wall is still clear, from that time onwards no one can wipe ........

Miss those days, you miss the same table, slept in upper berth of the sisters, we learn together, live together, shopping together, play together ... ... ... elets.html
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